For Corporations

Allow Us To Bring Our Team of Vets
To Your Front Lines

Dear Corporate America,

This letter is intended to ask for your help and to open your mind, perhaps a little bit. I have recently completed my tour of duty serving our country and now it is time for the next opportunity in my career.  I initially joined the military due to my sense of commitment and wanting to be part of something greater like service to my community and country. Now that I have accomplished that, I am ready for my next challenge and will be entering the civilian world, hungry for an opportunity where I can demonstrate my talents and knowledge.

While in the military, I learned such traits like leadership, commitment, accountability, dedication, team work, sacrifice, and courage. I performed my job in the military to a high degree and in places around the world that your average worker in Corporate America has never seen and will never know of. So I am here now and ready to make a change in my life like many other job seekers you have come across. Yet, I find it a little harder and even frustrating not getting the same chances and opportunities to showcase my talents and experience to you.

I am not asking for a handout, nor am I asking you to hire me simply because I am a veteran. I am asking you to give me a fair shot and have an open mind when you receive my resume. Oh … and when we do finally meet and I address you as sir or ma’am, it’s not because I am “programmed” to speak a certain language and cannot adapt; it’s because that is the word I use to as a sign of respect.

And if and when you do decide to hire me and give me a shot; you will find me to be punctual, respectful, grateful, hardworking, knowledgeable, and accountable. I will learn fast and apply the principles that I know in order to be successful and bring success to the department and company. I will work hard, dedicate myself, add to the team, lead where I can, and set an example for others.

So if and when your next open position arises, and you receive a resume from me or someone like me, perhaps you will give the resume a second look and think about this letter that I have written to you. Perhaps you will even go as far to invite me in and let me express the value that I can bring or perhaps at the very least. My new mission is to get my career pointed in the right direction and contribute to the success of corporate America.


Every Veteran, USA

Not sure how to hire veterans?

Hire Our Heroes’ process is designed for employers who are committed to making veterans a part of their overall talent acquisition strategy but are having difficulty in doing so. Our focus is on your company - one job, one vet at a time. Hire Our Heroes will share expertise of its ‘Veterans Strong’ initiative to help companies build their own veteran-hiring programs.

  • Let our team come in and show you how to help stand up your veteran hiring initiative
  • Take advantage of veteran hiring tax incentives (insert a button here TAX INCENTIVES that takes viewer to a links page with tax credits and incentives information)
  • Complimentary seminars and workshops featuring our veteran’s inspiring stories of transitioning into the civilian workforce, and advice and insight from experts and keynote speakers
  • Learn how to become a model-organization to inspire other companies to employ servicemen and women transition to the private sector
  • Learn about HOH’s Public Awareness campaigns to encourage employers across the U.S. to hire former military service members

Hire Our Heroes has set out to aid American employers in helping to sharpen their focus on hiring, training, and retaining veterans. The greatest form of respect we can give to your veterans in to help the transitioning into the civilian workforce by providing them meaningful employment. Military service teaches the importance of taking care of your troops. That responsibility exists for those outside of the military as well, because those troops sacrifice a great deal to protect and defend us all. Hire Our Heroes is determined to educate employers of all sizes to leverage these proven Americans while meeting their organization’s hiring and retention needs.

We are advocating for you - organizations who desire to improve their business performance though improved workforce productivity, and believe in re-capitalizing their workforce with the belief that Veterans should be part of that effort.

Hire Our Heroes is incredibly proud to work with veterans and fully recognize the value, experience and skills they bring to American companies. Our goal is to help your organization find and hire highly qualified veterans as they transition out of the military. We are happy to share what we’ve experienced with our personal military service and civilian transition with other companies so that more of our modern-day heroes have the tools and opportunities to build meaningful careers in the private sector. HOH hopes to expand its efforts to continue a proud legacy in support of military veterans.