Partner with HOH

If you’re an HR representative with a position that needs to be filled quickly, Hire Our Heroes can work with you to find Veteran talent that meets your qualifications. HOH can assist you by providing a pipeline of veterans who are most qualified to your organization.

Discovery. At HOH, we work with employers to learn exactly what their business needs are and what you need in a candidate. We will work with businesses to assist in the translation of military experience and skills to civilian work.

List of candidates. Normally, you would post a job and then sort through hundreds of applicants. HOH can quickly identify great matches through focused recruiting efforts to locate veteran talent.

Facilitate the interview process. Once you have a targeted list of candidates, HOH will assist the veteran through the interview process and can work with you to select the most qualified candidate that meets your needs. HOH will continue to work with veteran candidates to prepare them for employer workplaces throughout the process.

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