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Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a mentor? Consider this an investment in yourself. The intrinsic value of this practical education can’t be found in books. The need for veteran mentors has never been greater than it is today. It’s easy for one our country’s finest to feel isolated and lost upon leaving active military service. They need someone who’s been there before, to help them through these questionable and tough times. The vision of Hire Our Heroes mentoring program is to provide a positive platform for veterans to acquire a genuine sense hope, and id dedicated to helping veterans transition from military to civilian careers. This hope is provided by veterans who have lived the life and have experiences that are beneficial to transitioning veterans. HOH mentors provide professional mentoring for all branches of the military. Our mentoring program was created under the direction of an all veteran board with diverse backgrounds and unique experiences. Please visit our Bios page for more information. Our mentors have a passion for training and providing the best possible start for men and women who have recently separated from active duty.

“It’s hard to put into words what veterans experience when they are deployed. It’s just as difficult to describe what they go through when they return home and enter the workforce.” – Dan Caporale, Founder HOH

Hire Our Heroes’ mentoring program helps veterans who struggle quantifying their skills to something that can easily relate to a civilian role, as well as finding a career niche that is right for them. Mentors help veterans better understand what good fits might exist. As a mentor, you are allowing Hire Our Heroes to be a part of your legacy. The military is a selfless, noble, and heroic venture to embark on. Becoming a mentor is no different. You are in the midst of greatness when taking on the task of mentoring our transitioning veterans. In this forum of mentorship, the barriers of rank are transcended. The mentors in this program are interested in the overall success and effectiveness of the veterans and strive to do their very best to carry on the traditions of greatness. Veterans give us all something to believe in, to live for, and so spending time with these all American heroes is a very worthy cause. The skills that our soldiers take away from their military service are incredible, but the life lessons learned from one-on-one time with our mentors is priceless. The goal of our mentors is not to provide a job for the mentees they work with, rather to put their personal “networks” at the disposal of the transitioning veterans, so that veteran job-seekers can follow smart networking leads and find their paths to success. If you are interested in becoming a HOH mentor, we would ask you to agree with the following:

  • Spend time one-on-one with a transitioning veteran
  • Share emails with your mentee, and field emails on a regular basis
  • Tap into personal networks, business and/or personal contacts to identify people that may be an asset in guiding our vets on pathways to success
  • Have personal face-to-face meetings with mentees
  • Field occasional phone calls from mentees, allowing them to report on progresses and ask questions
  • Review mentee’s resume and make suggestions on how to improve it
  • Hold mock interviews to prepare mentee for real life employer interviews
  • Stay in touch with mentee on a regular basis, even after he/she finds employment
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Establish goals, develop an action plan, and measure progress

The amount of time a mentor spends with a mentee is not dictated by Hire Our Heroes; the amount of time spent together is dictated by the needs of the transitioning veteran. The benefit is learning from every encounter and making the most of the time spent together.


This mentor program is yours to gain if you choose to do so. We have volunteers, staff and an all-veteran board that are dedicated to the success and well-being of our returning troops and transitioning veterans, so please contact us if you have interest in joining our organization. It is designed for all of those who choose to take the torch and run their share, on our veteran’s behalves.

We are encouraging applicants nationwide to become HOH mentors. Thank you for your support of the program and for our vets. United we serve.

Would you like to become a Hire Our Heroes mentor? Fill out the form below to get started!!

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