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GOT FEAR?                                                     CAN’T SLEEP?                                              FEELING ANXIOUS?



The reality regarding the anxiety veterans feel about transitioning and the fear they have about the process is real.  There are so many things to consider when it comes to transitioning… 

  • Managing Stress
  • Finding next job
  • Taking care of my family
  • Location, Location, Location
  • How will I pay my bills?
  • The “What” to do next or “When” to transition?
  • Focus on the “Who” you are first!
  • What are my Needs & Motivators?
  • The X-Factor (Unknown)
  • What is my meaning of being Retired?
  • How will I get needed Certifications/Qualifications?
  • One Week TAP or TRS; Not Prepared to make educated decisions
  • The Grass has to be Greener on the Other Side


****Prior to registering with our Career Transition Specialists you must first sign up for a mentor**** Our CTS team is limited in the number of cases they can work and we have found many veterans need a mentor vice a CTS team.  In order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our CTS volunteers all Veterans requesting assistance must first utilize our mentorship program.

To register, please fill out the form below. Due to the high volume of veterans registering weekly, we must limit our weekly capacity and appreciate your understanding and patience as we want to assist as many veterans as possible. If registration is full when you attempt to register, please attempt to register the following Monday.

After you have registered please allow up to two weeks for a member of our team to start the process and contact you. Our goal is to make contact sooner than one week, but please understand we are involved in a herculean mission of assisting with the eradication of veteran unemployment by getting vets jobs.

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