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Receive Encouragement, Inspiration, and Confidence

The benefits of being paired with a mentor are both tangible and intangible. A visible value cannot be placed on the bond created between a mentor and the person looking to them for guidance. The benefits that can be seen are:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased technical skill and knowledge
  • Psychological mindset
  • Coping skills under stress
  • Goal setting

Hire Our Heroes has partnered with ACP (American Corporate Partners) to offer a mentoring program in which only the very best are asked to share their expertise and experiences. Transitioning veterans have the highest potential to carry on successful traditions and learn the most effective ways to operate from our mentors. This is a unique opportunity for veterans to enhance their preparation.  The hope is that the alumnus from the Hire Our Heroes mentoring program will carry on the tradition of this mentorship, and they will do their very best to ensure high quality professionalism for those brave enough to take this path.

Fostering Genuine Relationships

There is an obvious common trait between Hire our Heroes mentors and transitioning veterans: The relationship that is created between mentor and mentee is forging a common life path through service in and out of the military. The future vision of HOH is to create a database that will compare and match mentors with enlistees based upon criteria such as branch of service, gender, career objectives, just to name a few. The database with automatically generate a list of mentors, and enlistees can contact a mentor to start the process.

It is imperative that transitioning veterans put forth as much effort to foster a great relationship and take advantage of the opportunity to work with an experienced veteran. Mentors are volunteers and when they provide their experience it is a completely philanthropic act. Enlistees are in control of their livelihood; the mentor is just another asset to improve their chances of success. Being self-motivated is one of the foundational traits of being in the military.

 Advantages of Having a Mentor in Your Life

Doors will open to organizations and opportunities, and you’ll have a shorter learning curve because you are learning things faster than you would on your own. It’s a mentor’s market these days, and you need to have an edge over others seeking a potential mentor’s advice.

  • Focus on skills you want to develop or improve. Choosing a mentor who can help you learn a new skill or gain additional knowledge of your profession is key. In addition to strengths, target one or two areas of weakness you need to develop.
  • Work on your approach and follow-through. Think of the mentor-protégé relationship as a two-way street. Think of what you can offer to make your mentor’s life better. Perhaps you could share information that the mentor wouldn’t have access to, or give the mentor positive reinforcement and recognition. These are the people who often don’t get a lot of compliments. Open the lines of communication and state your goals clearly so that the mentor knows what information and help you want.
  • Be a good student and follow up. If your mentor makes a suggestion to you during the first encounter, use your second meeting as an opportunity to report back. This helps reinforce the relationship.

If you are interested in learning more about the mentoring program with Hire Our Heroes, please contact us at You can also register with HOH by filling out the Looking for a Mentor form provided below.

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