For Veterans


The New Frontline: Are you a Veteran who is looking to transition into the civil workforce?

Joining the civilian workforce is much different than serving in the military. As a veteran-owned company, Hire Our Heroes understands the challenges veterans face when separating from active duty. HOH began ‘Veterans Strong’, a military to civilian transition assistance program, designed to aid veterans in their move from the battlefield to the corporate frontlines. HOH delivers workshops and seminars targeted at veterans, focused on reinforcing interviewing skills, resume building, social media skills, coaching, mentoring, and job placement. Hire Our Heroes will demonstrate how to translate military service into highly sought after civilian skills. We work to provide the best in career guidance and support services, and match your skills and experience to the needs of organizations looking to hire. Our specialist can help you:

  • Set attainable goals with our one-on-one assistance
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Build an effective resume and cover letter
  • Network with local employers
  • Find training courses to refresh or build skills in a particular field of interest
  • Teach you about educational programs and how to take advantage of the benefits offered from your military service
  • Utilize those benefits to boost your career and enhance your education
  • Obtain real-world advice from successfully transitioned veterans


  • Not-for-profit, veteran established organization
  • HOH workshop speakers are comprised of experts with a wide array of certifications:
  • All-veteran board of trustees from all branches of the military
  • Nationally recognized by:

Veterans Strong Transition Workshops and Seminars

Launch your career with the assistance of Hire Our Heroes. We invest in comprehensive training and development programs to help you take your military service and apply it to corporate America. HOH holds one-day workshops for veterans interested in taking their service to the next level. Participants receive free, one-on-one mentoring which includes resume writing assistance, interview preparation, social media skills, and more. All coaching is provided by HOH’s staff of dedicated veterans who have been through military to civilian workforce transitional stages, just like you. Our personal attention to each participant will help to ensure your individual goals and needs are met, separating us from other transition assistance programs. Veterans sit down with real experts, get individualized, hands on assistance, providing the most impact in this unique, one day workshop. Each session will teach transitioning and recently separated service men and women how to effectively search for civilian careers and boost their ability to interview, thereby increasing their chances of a successful transition.

  • Discover how your military experience translates into civilian opportunities, take self-assessments to learn where your strengths lie, and build professional resumes to apply to jobs matched to your skills.
  • We offer current and potential employees a one-stop shop for career planning and exploration. Our Veterans Strong program helps vets define career goals and provides guidance on training, education, and professional experiences necessary to chart a successful, long term career path with HOH backing you all the way.
  • Our dedicated Veteran mentors ensure you will have the tools you need for professional development.
  • Veterans Strong is a full-service training platform to enhance on-the-job performance. New feature include individualized plans, a 360 degree evaluation of your skills, and career competency and performance plans. Veterans will also have access to HOH’s blog, networking opportunities, social networks and videos for on-the-go training.

For more information or to attend the next Veterans Strong workshop, contact Participation is free.