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Meaningful employment is the top priority, after health, during the transition from the battlefield to the home-front. For many veterans, transition is made more difficult due to not having transferable job skills from the military into the civilian workforce.

veterans helped
with HOH training partners in 2018

It is true, the veteran unemployment rate has drastically improved in recent years; however, these numbers do not account for the those underemployed (working in a position which they are overqualified for) or for those working a “job” which provides no meaning or career path. The statistics also don’t account for the number of military spouses who have been unable to obtain or maintain a career due to the relocation requirements for a military family.

The training and education opportunities HOH provide give both the veteran and military spouse the skills necessary to be successful in today’s competitive business world.

We cannot do this alone.

There are several ways you can help:
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Hire Our Heroes is here for the sole purpose of helping Veterans, and we cannot accomplish all the things we would like to without the help and support of our wonderful volunteers. We are always seeking talented, selfless individuals to help us keep things running as smoothly as possible. Currently, we are seeking folks who want to help us with:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Volunteer Management
  • Event Planning/Coordination

If you have the time and talent to help out in any of the above ways, please fill out the Volunteer Registration form and let us know!

Share Our Mission

Become an online advocate for our vets by sharing a Facebook post, tweeting, or adding an image to your blog or website to show your support for HOH’s mission. Use the power of social media to show your support and enlist other in our mission to honor and empower our vets. If you support our efforts to serve and give back to our veterans, please take a moment to tell your friends about us. Simply use the social media icons to make it easy.

Show your support for our nation’s veterans by adding a banner to your website or blog.
Stay up to date and connect with HOH on social media through Twitter and Facebook.
#HOH when mentioning us on IG, or Twitter. Follow us on LinkedIn for career updates and job listings.
“These are great ways to get our grassroots Hire Our Heroes members involved in projects for the greater good of our veterans.”

Organize a Fundraising Event

Fundraising events are a unique opportunity to raise donations while having a great time. There is no limit to the size or possibilities for your event. If this is something you are interested in doing, please contact us and we can assist you in organizing and promoting.

For those interested in hosting a larger-scale event ($10,000 or more) we offer four different sponsorship packages:

One Star Event Sponsor – Guaranteed Donation of at least $10,000
• Custom event link from
• “Donation Tracker” software with remote administrative support
• Approved press release
• Pre-recorded recognition video for the event from a HOH board member
• PDFs for fundraising collateral
• Approved use of brand for announcements and invites
• Executive Director’s donor outreach letter, customized for your event
• Sponsor/Donor recognition on the HOH website
• Thank you letters/donation recognition to mail out to attendees

Two Star Event Sponsor – Guaranteed Donation of at least $20,000
Includes everything from One-Star Event, plus:
• Remote event support for your event (a representative from HOH will attend your event as a handler/donation supervisor)
• Event attendance by the HOH Executive Director or a Board Member
• Sponsor/Donor recognition on all promotional materials and press release
• Customized video asset to be played at your event

Three Star Event Sponsor – Guaranteed Donation of at least $50,000
• Dedicated pre-event and onsite support from HOH staff
• Assistance in booking a relevant guest speaker to discuss the unique challenges of veteran hiring in today’s business environment.
• Presentation from a HOH board member
• Targeted press and marketing outreach by HOH
• Corporate sponsor support customized for your event including a pre-or-post “meet & greet” photo op experience with guest speaker
• Support for auction marketing on the HOH website

Four Star Event Sponsor – Guaranteed Donation of at least $100,000
Includes everything from Three-Star Event, plus:
• Recognition during your event by a HIH rep for all event sponsors and donors
• A customized “Thank You” note for all attendees
• Custom content created for your event
• Option to host additional sub-events
• Private presentation for core group (50 people), golf outing, or hosted cocktail reception with journalist-led fireside chat
• Any level of customization is possible

One of the easiest ways to support our cause is through your donation. These funds are what enable us to make all of our programs available. While our focus is on training and education, we also have a program which enable veterans to become a certified professional after completing training and another to assist with the cost of travel to participate in an interview. You can make your tax-deductible donation through this link.