USTEC – Rapid Workforce Development

USTEC supports current and returning veterans along with underserved communities. Our unique program is accessible and beneficial to veterans with disabilities (in a wheel chair / using prosthetics). We are dedicated to increasing and diversifying the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) pipeline by providing rapid workforce-based Computer Aided Design training.

Training Length: 10 Weeks
Area of Expertise: Communication, Computer Aided Design

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The United States Technical Education Center (USTEC) is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for veterans with a two-part mission:

  1. Providing free computer aided design (CAD) and business communication skills to make  students competitive candidates in the civilian job market
  2. Leveraging relationships with high-tech employers in the Bay Area to help graduates secure employment.

Students can participate in two different programs:

  1. 312-hour program as full-time or part-time participants
  2. Fast-track training in the Individual Accelerated Program

The programs covers basic engineering, math, CAD and business communication. Throughout the programs, students build a CAD portfolio profiling their concepts and designs. Upon completing the program and passing the final exam, students receive a Certificate in Computer-Aided Design.

*The USTec Training is in-person only, and is currently only available in San Jose, California.* 

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