FAQ – Training with Percipio

Frequently Asked Questions about Skillsoft Training


Who manages this program?
Hire Our Heroes

What is the benefit of this program?
The goal is to help close skill gaps and assist veterans looking for a new career or a career promotion in their current job. We will accomplish this through providing multiply modalities of training opportunities. Veterans can choose to watch, read, and listen to a large selection of Skillsoft’s Business, Digital and IT learning content, including key certification preparation courses.

When does the program start/end?
Jan 31, 2018 through Jan 30, 2020.

What type of learning modalities are available in this program?
We offer multi-modality learning, Watch – learners can watch courses and videos, Read – learners can read books and Listen – learners can listen to audio books. 

Who is qualified to participate in this program?
Veterans, including individuals who serve/served in the Reserves.

Is there a cutoff date to sign up for this program?
As long as it is before Jan 30, 2020.

Can my family or friends participate in this program?
Only honorably discharged veterans who qualify may participate in this program.

Where do I go to sign up for the program?

Can I get industry certification credit with this program?
The learning resources today support the preparation to sit for the exam on a variety of industry certifications.

How often are new learning resources added to this program?
Skillsoft continuously adds content to the channels for all modalities.  

Is there a limit to the number of learning resources I can access in this program?
No, veterans will have access to explore and are encouraged to partake in as much learning as possible!

Can I access the learning resources in this program via my mobile device?
Yes, the website does provide a mobile user interface. You may download the Percipio Learning App from either iTunes or Google Play Store (depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android) and search for “Percipio Learning App”.

Will this program pay for me to sit for a certification exam?
No, you will need to pay for the exam on your own or check with your current employer to validate if they will cover the exam fee.

Can I transfer training completions from this program to my training file at my current job?
Please check with your current employer to see if they will accept the completion from another system.

Who can I contact for program related questions?

Program Specific Questions

Should I use my company/agency email address when registering or a personal email address?
You can use either, but it is best to use one that will not change over the next year.

How do I reset my password?
There is a "Forgot Password" on the log in page. You may type in the email address you have registered with and a new password will be sent to your email on file.

How do I use the Percipio learning app to access the learning resources?
You may download the Percipio Learning App from either iTunes or Google Play Store (depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android) and search for “Percipio Learning App”.

Does all my activity from the learning app and from the website synchronize?
Yes, it synchronizes real time.

What are the completion requirements for courseware?
Currently the completion criteria is set to 70% for the test.

Can I register a completion for non-course learning resources (i.e., videos, books, book summaries)?
Yes. Currently if you complete 50% of a video, book or book summary, which does not have a test, you will see a completion in your Activity. You will need to validate with your current employer to see if they will accept a completion for these learning assets.

Where can I go to access technical support?
Technical support is available via the My Profile>>Help area in Percipio. 

How can I provide feedback? (i.e., success stories)
Your feedback provides us with insight to strengthen this program and possible future programs – contact us at hoh_success@hireourheroes.org

I haven’t received the invitation email. What do I do?
Please wait 7-10 business days to receive your invitation from Skillsoft. Please note that some email systems may automatically flag the invitation into a junk or trash folder. Please double check such locations to see if you have received the invitation before contacting customer support. The email will be from the address “no-reply@percipio.com” and have a subject line like “Welcome to Percipio”.

If you still require help and have not received the email, please contact us with any of the following ways:
Email to support:

Live Help Desk:
Toll Free – 877-58-SKILL
Direct – 1-506-462-4550

System and Browser requirement:
Please review the following link for specifics: