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Dear Friend:

Please keep HOH in mind as you make your year-end donation this year. And, if you donate today your donation will be matched by Good World! That’s right, you give $25, and we get $50!!! Just look for the “DONATE” link on the right hand corner of our website and a few clicks later you’ve changed the life of a veteran — it’s that easy!

Imagine spending a large portion of one’s life in the service, a place far from home, a lifestyle few can truly imagine, and then returning to the “real world” –  it’s not something that happens overnight or smoothly.

Over 1 million veterans are unemployed and 1 million are quietly transitioning from the armed forces within the next 5 years. Nearly 10% of the homeless population consists of veterans. Can you imagine, the people who fought for the freedom of your country cannot even afford to live within it?

Many times, veterans are left lost and unsure about the career paths they should take, how their service experience can translate into in the career world, and even how to pursue it. Antonio McMillan, a transitioning Military Service Member, felt the anxiety and pressure of his transition as it approached him…

“There’s a big difference between military and civilian life… You have to transition physically and mentally. When you’re in the Military you always have a paycheck, and you can always count on it. [When you leave active duty] Bills change, your budget, food. Military covers a lot of that and now it all will go away.”

That’s when Antonio found Hire Our Heroes…

“HOH genuinely cared that I found success. They helped me with everything from writing my resume, to helping me apply for jobs. They even broke down the government information for me so I could be prepared for interviews. No matter what time of day it was they answered the phone.”

At HOH, we believe that communities should benefit from veterans. That’s why we fight to ensure that every veteran has the resources he/she needs to have a successful transition to a meaningful career.

In 2016 alone, HOH, with the help of its partners and supporters, was able to ensure that:

  • 15,000+ veterans received free training in cybersecurity
  • 8,000+ veterans trained in resume-writing and interviewing skills, LinkedIN and social media platforms, job-hunting expertise and home ownership
  • 100 veterans were matched with Mentors

To our core, HOH believes that providing meaningful employment readiness and job referrals now reduces the need for downstream veteran services, such as suicide prevention, veteran homelessness and mental health services. Proven strong leaders in the civilian workforce improves the strength of our national economy and security.

Please join forces with Hire Our Heroes today: DONATE or BECOME A MENTOR. All monetary donations will be matched…today only.

Semper Fi,
Dan Caporale & Tim Kirk