100 days away from my husband’s retirement from the Navy (Guest Blog)

A guest blog post by Letty Stevens.

We are less than 100 days away from my husband’s retirement from the Navy. We have both been interviewing for anything & everything, which is different types of exhausting. As of now we are pursuing approx 10 positions between the 2 of us, in 4 states! I do

Hire Our Heroes #HOH
Hire Our Heroes #HOH

have one solid offer to open a west coast office as a financial consultant… Of course I want to commit yesterday but will wait a month as other options become available. Living one day at a time helps us process the process :), as does prayer and just accepting that we will end up where we belong.

During this transition I have discovered new emotions. In an attempt to manage the chaos I have created a folder for each state, then filled the folder with research like favorite neighborhoods, school and after school options, expected costs and driving routes. I am a seasoned military spouse :).

Involve your family. #HOH

The big adjustment is how my husband is processing this transition because for the first time in 20 years he has a real choice, multiple possibilities, and this can be overwhelming and sometimes downright scary. I understand this feeling because I have this feeling every time we PCS. For 10 years I have sacrificed my everything; but I did it all for my husband. I would do anything for him.


How you are handling your transition?